We rely on and welcome donations of baby items and gifts in gender neutral colours. Each gift basket is 100% FREE to a new family and made possible through generous donations. Click on the GoFundMe link for a monetary donation or check out our Amazon Wish List for an up-to-date list of items we are running low on and would like to include in the baskets


We are very grateful to these local mompreneurs and companies for their time and generous donations to our baskets.

Please support them as they support us.

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321 JOY


Karyn is mom to four incredible little boys! She describes life as crazy, hectic, a little bit stressful, but more than anything full of joy! She chose "321Joy" as the name of her store for a couple of reasons. Her oldest little boy has Down syndrome, which occurs when there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, hence 321! And "Joy"...well, that is self explanatory! Karyn donated some awesome onsies to the baskets to help our littles rock their extra chromosome.



Down Syndrome Resource Foundation

The mission of DSRF is to empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential throughout life by providing educational programs and services, disseminating information and changing attitudes. With the incredible generosity and support of the DSRF, we are now able to ship our baskets to families that have welcomed a baby with Down syndrome across BC.

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Lorene is the creator of Glitter and Spice and was inspired to find teething solutions that are safe yet stylish. They are a Canadian company that creates modern teething accessories to help relieve the difficult stages of teething that many babies go through. They take pride in their modern designs, functionality and safety of their products. We are grateful to receive teething bracelets to include in the baskets!



Happily with Love

Do you ever feel that your love for someone or something is just too great that you can’t put it into words? No worries, Happily With Love knows that feeling and has you covered! Take a peek through this store and you'll find just a few of the cutest words to to help you out. Laser cut into natural wood and made Toronto, these unique products will bring sentiment into your home and a keepsake to cherish for years to come.



Daniela and Brandi-Lee

Daniela and Brandi-Lee are the creators and makers behind Purl & Co. and make handmade goods for you and your home. They are passionate about making fun, fashionable items for you, your home, and your kids. Or your friends. Or your kid's friends. Or your friend's kids! Made in BC, we are excited to include some beautiful pieces in our baskets for new babes. 




Jennifer is a busy mompreneur that is focused on family and supports other local business in the Vancouver area, including our baskets. The Sweet Life onsies are designed and printed locally in Vancouver using quality wholesale apparel. We are so proud to include these onsies in our baskets as new families welcome their sweet addition.




Handmade in Port Moody, BC, Nicole is crazy talented and makes accessories for the whole family. The tiny knitted toques donated to the baskets are so cute and are the best for keeping babe's head warm in the winter months.

Eggie 2.png



Eggie Baby has been one of our biggest supporters, always making sure our baskets are stocked full of goodies ranging from bibs to teething necklaces to pacifier clips. Sally's little shop was inspired by her daughter. She wanted to create fun, colourful and affordable teething accessories without compensating safety and style.




Shannon is the creator of Grey + Beau and was inspired by a life with boys to create items that would be functional and stylish. Located in Chilliwack, BC, Grey + Beau has donated beautiful pieces to our baskets ranging from incredible muslin blankets to car seat and nursing covers. The classic prints are versatile and make our baskets look oh so good!




Mary is a talented T21 momma and is always busy fundraising for individuals with Down syndrome. She has made a huge difference to so many in our community through her donations and her latest endeavor the T21Mom podcast. When we first received our Down syndrome diagnosis we were told we would meet people we would have never otherwise met. We are so happy to have met Mary and Ainsley and consider them amazing friends for life.



Amanda and Shylah

From the very beginning Só Luxury has always made sure our baskets have a little Coco Oat included. Inspired by her son, Amanda set out to create a luxurious and soothing bath product for all who love to be pampered. The Só Luxury line has expanded to include a number of must haves all made locally in BC. We are eternally grateful for Amanda and Shylah's incredible support and love for what we do.

Two Blooms.jpg


Caron and Michelle

Two sisters that create affordable luxuries good for the planet and you. Started in 2002 and inspired by the pristine nature of Canada's West Coast, Caron and Michelle are constantly creating new products influenced by the colour and texture of nature they want to share with the world. Caron is our Vancouver Island Aunty and has loved watching us grow just as much as we love her and the support she has offered throughout the years.

Are you a local business or just happen to be crafty? We'd love if you can donate to our Baskets of Love!
contact us on how to donate items.


Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of new families is very important to us. See our policy here.


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