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In the course of supporting the community, Baskets of Love Down Syndrome Support Society ("Baskets of Love" or the "Society") members and volunteers may be given access to or become aware of confidential information relating the Society and new families. Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of new families is paramount to preserving the trust of the medical professionals and families we support. In this regard, we commit to adhere to medical, hospital and health authority policies and procedures on privacy and confidentiality.


Members and volunteers:

  • shall not disclose or release, by any means, to any member of the public, either in verbal or written form, any confidential information or material acquired by virtue of their position as a member or volunteer with Baskets of Love;

  • may divulge confidential information only to those who are authorized to receive it;

  • must exercise caution and discretion in handling confidential information and, in particular, will refrain from discussing confidential information in social or public contexts; and

  • shall not, by virtue of their position with Baskets of Love, use information for personal or private gain or for the gain of friends, relatives or any person or organization having dealings with Baskets of Love.


Baskets of Love is subject to the Personal Information Protection Act, which requires appropriate measures to safeguard personal information of any person in the Society’s control. Generally consent will be required to collect, use or disclose any personal information. Where a member or volunteer is unsure, he or she shall confer with the Board of Directors of Baskets of Love for guidance in the appropriate action to take.

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